Car Wash

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Composed of: 

1. Car Shampoo

Shampoo that gently cleanses the car with degreasing action. Removes dirt, oily residues, insect marks and dirt in general. 

2. Wheel Cleaner (Ref. 6101)

A powerful degreaser that effectively removes dirt without harming the paint.

3. Cockpit Spray (Ref. 6103)

Facilitate the removal of dirt and dust from your car dashboard. It renews and protects surfaces, gives them a shine and prevents dust from accumulating thanks to its antistatic effect. It is an easy-to-use product that is not harmful to humans or the environment and does not attack surfaces. Its components are quickly biodegradable.

4. Washing Glove (Ref. 6018)

The long & ultra-soft fibres help loosen and remove dirt from the car's surface.

Size: 20cm x 30cm 
Weight: 145 gram
Material: 80% polyester
20% polyamide

5. Retractable Bucket Free

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