About Vegas 

Vegas Cosmetics was founded by Nelson da Costa and Carlos Fernandes in 2003. This German-Portuguese company is already regarded as a leader in the network marketing business and it has been collaborating with thousands of partners from all over the world.

Our success story is based on clear values, which we diligently cultivate. Values such as fair partnership, high quality, attractive prices and excellent earning opportunities.

What distinguishes us from others is the high quality of our products offering the best quality-price ratio. We are responsible for the development, manufacturing, and distribution of innovative cosmetic products, exclusive skincare ranges, modern and trendy fragrances, food supplements, and jewellery. In addition to that, we offer you the unique opportunity to become part of our team.

Our business model provides many thousands of people with new and incredible career prospects, whether as a part-time or full-time job.

Our partners aim is to start their own business and recommend high-quality products in their personal network. The partner invites new business partners to join his/her distribution network, who in turn also recommend the products to their personal network and recruit new partners. Over time, each business partner builds his/her own network of partners and end-customers, which may reach thousands of people. Thus, each business partner benefits from the turnover of his/her entire network. The key is that with this business model, establishing a distribution network does not involve any fixed costs, responsibilities or risks!

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Cosmetics' mission is to offer its customers and partners a service of excellence provided by skilled and dedicated professionals, which allows the company to achieve a level of commercial and operational excellence.

Our vision is to become a leading company that provides the best service and the best products to guarantee customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we aim to provide ambitious and entrepreneurial people with an opportunity to change their lives and achieve financial freedom, regardless of their age group, social class or education.

  • Values:
  • • Customer/Partner Focused
  • • Transparency
  • • Ethics
  • • Trust
  • • Quality
  • • Enthusiasm
  • • Independence 
  • • Commitment


- Nelson da Costa

  - Carlos Fernandes 

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